Yum Yum Mix

May 9, 2018 7:58 pm Published by

All in the name, Soil Mender’s Yum Yum Mix is the craving your soil has been crumbling for! Specially formulated for nutrient-hungry soils, Yum Yum Mix develops fertile, living soil and a balanced pH creating vibrant, healthy lawns, vegetable gardens, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Yum Yum Mix is composed of a banquet of nutrients that will relieve those relentless hunger pangs in your garden’s soil. It nourishes beneficial soil micro-organisms and boosts the soil’s humus content improving its ability to nurture and sustain healthy, beautiful and more colorful plants.  Add a handful of Yum Yum Mix to any planting or transplanting, top dress established plants, or spread evenly over new beds to provide a buffet for your growing garden! People, pet, and wildlife friendly, Yum Yum Mix is the universal ‘snack’ every garden has been longing for.

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