Soil Conditioning

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Feed the soil that feeds the plant. To be able to construct, raise, or create a stable structure you must first have a solid, supporting base. The same is true for soil and plant life. Beginning with a good soil foundation is key to being able to support growing vegetation.

Most soils are lacking in organic matter or in nutrient content, if not both. To add nutrient matter to lawns and gardens, composted cattle manure is a great option – apply a good 1/4 of an inch. You can till the composted manure into the soil or apply it as a topdressing and water in well. Manure will burn if applied too heavily, so try to keep it to 1 lb per 10 sq ft.

For clay-like or sandy soils, composted cotton burrs are the route to take. Composted cotton burrs have the ability to break down quickly to break up clay soils, add structure to sandy soils, and to increase moisture retention in your soil. As the burrs break down, beneficial organic matter and humus are added to the soil. Composted cotton burrs will not burn, so over application is not a worry. Apply as a mulch, topdressing, or till into the soil.

Soil Mender/Back to Earth Composted Cotton Burrs are composted for a minimum of twelve weeks at 50% moisture, 130-160 degrees, and are inoculated with beneficial microbes to create a dense, well composted product. These microbes are living composting agents that are a continued benefit even after the product has been bagged and is being used by the end consumer.  This unique combination has the ability to break down quickly adding organic matter, humus content, and microbial life to depleted soils. Soil Mender/Back to Earth Composted Cotton Burrs break up clay soils, add structure to sandy soils, and increase moisture retention. Composted cotton burrs are an ideal soil conditioner for most any soil building project.

The best of both worlds is an option as well. Get the nutrient content along with organic matter and humus with a blend.  Pairing the two soil conditioners into one product will allow you to give your soil the benefits of both products. Soil Mender Garden Soil Builder offers a blend of composted cotton burrs and composted cattle manure with humate and alfalfa added to provide a higher nutrient value and to help release locked up nutrients in the existing soil.

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