Soil Mender Soil Mix

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Soil Mender Soil Mix

Available in 1 cu ft bags and in bulk.

Soil Mender Soil Mix is a premium grade compost made from combining our composted cotton burrs with our organic topsoil. This simple blend creates a unique general use compost that will work in nearly any application!


General Soil Prep

Spread Soil Mix 2” to 3” thick over entire area to be planted. Turn or till to a depth of 4” to 8” mixing it thoroughly with existing soil. Plant and water adequately to keep ground moist, not saturated.

Topdress Existing Lawns

Spread Soil Mix 1/4” to 1/2” thick over entire area. OPTIONAL - Water in if possible.

Raised Beds & Containers

Raised beds and large containers are a great alternative when working clay soils with poor drainage or sandy soils with excessive drainage. Raised beds and large containers also tend to warm up sooner offering gardeners a head start on the growing season. Till the native soil to a depth equal to the height of your selected bed (ex. till four inches deep if you want a four inch high bed). Mix Soil Mender Topsoil with the native soil to make a 50/50 mix. One bag of Soil Mender Topsoil covers twelve square feet one inch deep.

Raised Beds - Build a border around bed using landscaping timbers, crossties, blocks, hay, or some other medium that will keep soil in the raised bed. Fill the bed with Soil Mix and plant.

Containers - Fill the container with Soil Mix and plant.

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