Back to Earth Composted Cattle Manure

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Back to Earth Composted Cattle Manure

Back To Earth Composted Cattle Manure consists of our premium quality Composted Cattle Manure. BTE Composted Cattle Manure is taken to a 3/8″ minus particle size to give you a texture that works great for all general manure applications. This product, when used properly is a non-burning, weed-and-odor-free soil enhancement for gardens, lawns, and landscapes. It is a bountiful source of humus, which feeds beneficial soil organisms, making nutrients more available to plants.

Type: Soil Builders


  • Organic soil builder
  • High quality, well aged composted cattle manure
  • ⅜” minus particle size for ease of application

Available in Bulk: Yes

Unit: Pallet

Per Unit: 50

Size: 40 lbs

Soil Prep

Composted cattle manure