Keep It Simple

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Keep it simple, think about how nature gardens.  You may be building a vegetable garden in the back yard, a flower garden of annuals and perennials, or you may just want the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood.  Natural and organic is the best way to grow. The best way to grow must start with the soil. If you don’t build a strong and natural foundation in your soil you cannot grow a healthy productive plant.

The four most important parts of healthy, productive soil is a balance of carbon, organic matter, trace minerals, and the soil biologicals which feed on the first two converting them to plant nutrients.

Soil amending, soil conditioning and fertilizing are practically interchangeable.  Natural organic materials used as soil amendments will condition the soil and then become fertilizers.  Feed your soil first. It will then feed the plant.

The desirable structure of soil is a fluff of crumbs with a velvety feel.  You can have an “instant garden” in one day by adding quality compost, mineral sands, and humate.  Learn to duplicate the forest floor. As your plant grows, apply fertilizers made from natural materials.  Observe your garden, it may be necessary to top dress with more compost through the growing season. Fertilizer should be applied on a regular schedule.  Yards should be fertilized three times a year during the growing season. Vegetable gardens and flowerbeds may need a light feeding each thirty days. The procedure is the same for clay soils as well as sandy soils. Just remember to keep it simple and stay with the basics.

by Jay Mertz

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