Insect Control

May 10, 2018 9:08 am Published by

Insect Control during Droughts by Patricia Byrne

Published in Living Natural First Magazine

Any insect can be controlled by using Diatomaceous Earth insecticide. Diatomaceous Earth insecticides are inexpensive and go a long way. They can be used wet or dry. It is a false statement that once wet it does not work. If used properly, it is very effective. It is important that it is spread evenly over the entire area the bugs are found. They must come in contact with the product. The best way to do this outdoors is using a duster called a Spritzer or a Dustin Mizer for large areas. We suggest a pest pistol for closed in areas and to get into cracks and crevices. To protect a home from insects outside, it is important to dust around window sills, doorways, and doors leading to a crawl space under the house or attic. The crawl space or attic is often forgotten. The openings to the roof can be an avenue for spiders, roaches, and other insects. With a duster you can flood the attic with this type of insecticide and not be concerned with damage to anything in the attic or toxic fumes coming into the house. The same is true for using it in the crawl space under a home. There is no gassing out of fumes into the house. Dusting around the foundation and in the flower beds around the house will help keep ants from coming into the house and cut down on the spider and roach populations that accumulate in that area. Inside the house it is important to dust walls where there may be gaps around pipes under sinks.

For very large lawns or crops, Diatomaceous Earth can be mixed with liquids that do not contain excessive amounts of sticky material like molasses. It is commonly mixed in compost tea and sprayed on crops. Hand pump sprayers are used to spray large lawns and trees. Dusting as a dry dust is best when possible. Diatomaceous Earth insecticides are safe for your family and pets. Applying this type of product is very effective in the control of fleas and ticks outdoors or indoors.

If you live in an area where you have horses, chickens, goats, or cows, I would use Diatomaceous Earth insecticides for fleas, mites, ticks, flies, and other insects that plague your animals. This type of insecticide can be sprayed on the walls of barns and outside covered spaces for animals to control the fly populations. You can also dust the animals to protect them from insects that attach to them.

I suggest you feed a “food” or “feed” grade Diatomaceous Earth to your animals as instructed on the label at a rate of 2% of the weight of rations fed per day (replace 2% of the rations with DE). There are many benefits for all animals. It helps sweet feed pour and protects grain from mold. Do not substitute with a DE for pool filtration. It is not effective as an insecticide and will kill any animal that eats it. That type is a larger particle size and has been heated, causing the amorphous silica to become crystalline, which is dangerous if ingested or inhaled. The type used for insecticides or an anti-caking agent feed additive is safe for ingestion and is only a problem for inhalation if you are using it in a tightly enclosed area for a prolonged time, as any dust would be.